Great question. Christian mission has all sorts of shapes & sizes. We've had some experience with questions people ask and we'd love to help you journey towards your individual pathway to mission.

pathways to mission

On the left hand side here we've got all sorts of questions people ask while they're looking for their pathway. Click on the one you think best describes you (don't worry - you can look at them all!) and then browse through our ideas - and the ideas of others - on that question.

We're praying that as you look through God will lead you to His pathway for you in mission.


contact WEC in your area

Maybe you like talking to people instead of websites. That's cool - so do we! Somewhere near you there's a person who has talked to stacks of people about finding their pathway in missions. We all serve with WEC, an interdenominational international mission of over 1,800 people worldwide (see our website here). Click here to get in touch with one of us.

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